2017 Cornish Cottage Tariff


Weekend lets are available at certain times of the year and to be paid for in full with the booking order. Saturday is the normal change date in season, but other dates will be considered, especially out of season. At the end of your visit you will be expected to leave the property clean and tidy.


2017 weekly costs between dates shown

FromTo7 Nights5 Nights4 Nights3 Nights
Sat, 7th JanSat, 11th Feb£365£275£239£205
Sat, 11th FebSat, 18th Feb£660£495£429£365
Sat, 18th FebSat, 8th April£365£275£239£205
Sat, 8th AprilSat, 22nd April£660£495£429£365
Sat, 22nd AprilSat, 27th May£545£410£355£300
Sat, 27th MaySat, 3rd June£660£495£429£365
Sat 3rd JuneSat 22nd July£545£410£355£300
Sat, 22nd JulySat, 2nd Sept£810£610£529£450
Sat, 2nd SeptSat, 21st Oct£545£410£355£300
Sat, 21st OctSat, 28th Oct£660£495£429£365
Sat, 28th OctSat, 23rd Dec£365£275£239£205
Sat, 23rd Dec Sat, 6th Jan, 2018£810£610£529£450
FromTo7 Nights5 Nights4 Nights3 Nights
Sat, 7th JanSat, 11th Feb£305£229£199£169
Sat, 11th FebSat, 18th Feb£550£415£359£305
Sat, 18th FebSat, 8th April£305£229£199£169
Sat, 8th AprilSat, 22nd April£550£415£359£305
Sat, 22nd AprilSat, 27th May£440£330£285£245
Sat, 27th MaySat 3rd June£550£415£359£305
Sat, 3rd JuneSat, 22nd July£440£330£285£245
Sat, 22nd JulySat, 2nd Sept£660£495£430£365
Sat, 2nd SeptSat, 21st Oct£440£330£285£245
Sat, 21st OctSat, 28th Oct£550£415£359£305
Sat, 28th OctSat, 23rd Dec£305£229£199£169
Sat, 23rd DecSat, 6th Jan 2018£660£495£430£365